La Dame d’Atours is a company of art craft created in 1999. Her purpose is the creation and the organization of cultural events around the costume. It obtained in 2017 the label EPV , a proof of the know-how and the documentary heritage implemented within this company.Its director, Nathalie Harran, has always been interested in history. His history studies first led her to teaching and research. His interest for fashion history emerged when starting a collection of vintage clothes. Then she studied various methods of sewing, in order to create custom made costumes. Since then, she develops constantly his skills.In this activity, she can combine her taste for research, history and creation, by studying, reproducing or drawing inspiration from the period pieces . His work is always guided by the concern of the historicality, the quality and a particular care given to the details. They have trusted us : The castle of Champs-sur-Marne (Center of National Museum), Villa Kerylos (Center of National Museum), the castle of Bussy-Rabutin (Center of National Museum), Musée d’Orsay, the Kuskovo Palace (Moscow), National Museum of the Castle of Malmaison, Napoleonmuseum (Arenenberg castle, Switzerland), the castle of Hardelot (Entente Cordiale center) , the castle of Cande and Royal City of Loches, the Massena Palace (Nice), the castle of Langeais, the castle of Monte-Cristo, The Palace of Arts (Dinard), the Villa Montebello (Trouville), Museum of Fine Arts of Périgueux, The national Archives, the castle of Villarceaux, the castle of Tarascon, the Vichy Opera, the archaeological Museums of Gisacum, Ambrussum and Feurs, the municipalities of Richelieu, Rueil-Malmaison, Gif-sur-Yvette...